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Running for a wordy cause – the Worldwide WordPress 5k

Rachel and her trainers are recovering after a very muddy run this afternoon, finding an almost trail like route around the beautiful Victoria Park in East London, in honour of the Worldwide WordPress 5k!

Rachel started her studies in complementary health after injuring her foot in 2009 whilst training for her first 10km. It was a very familiar story – person who has done no regular exercise for almost a decade gets the running bug, gets it badly and forgets that concrete has no give. The result? Injured sesamoid bones and a damaged plantar fascia.

Three years later with a massage practice in her name she’s not complaining – the experience was a key event after all – and is finally back in her running shoes.

If you’re new to running, or returning after an injury, take it easy! Think little and not too often, build up distances and frequency gradually. Don’t ignore the advice to stretch – learning the hard way that your calves have as much bounce as a bowling ball isn’t any fun. And of course regular massage is a must for regular runners. The actions of massage will help to keep your muscles flexible and pliant and able to work better, putting less strain on your bones and joints.

There is so much advice out there for new runners. Pick up tips from well-researched sources such as, where you can do a quick online health assessment and get directed to an appropriate programme,, full of guidance to beginners and experienced runners alike, or of course the wordpress team’s own favourite Couch to 5k training programme.

Tiredness has well and truly hit after the first 5km in three years – there’ll be more tips forthcoming, including self-massage techniques for runners.

Bon nuit!